At the end of 2019, Hubspot released their Remote Work Report, offering a glimpse into the lives of fully remote employees. Just a few months later, coronavirus forced many companies to quickly adopt remote work whether they liked it or not.

As B2B marketers, having your audience now working remotely presents new set of challenges. So, we thought we’d take a look back at the Hubspot report and see what insights we could use to help find solutions.

Insight #1: On average, 61.5% of all remote workers listen to music at least one hour per day.

By now, most of corporate America has settled into their remote work routine. But that routine might be starting to feel a little stale. Help liven up your audience’s workday by feeding into their music habit. Create Spotify playlists that are themed around your brand messaging, sponsor a live music stream, or send high-value targets a quality record player.

Insight #2: 51% of remote workers prefer to work inside, but 41% sometimes work outside, weather permitting.

Use this to your advantage! Host a virtual backyard networking event or hire a chef to teach a class on world-class barbecuing. From outreach events to brand campaigns, understanding the sorts of environments that your customers and prospects are currently immersed in will help you build more thoughtful strategies.

Insight #3: Remote workers noted a lack of social connection (29%) and communicating with co-workers (29%) as the two biggest challenges they face being remote.

This is an important one, especially since social distancing has limited opportunities to socialize outside of the work week. If you’re aiming to be a partner, really take the time to get to know your customers and targets. Find out how they like to communicate and use those methods effectively to limit their frustration. Use video conferencing when possible so you can build a rapport and become more than just a disembodied voice. Stay connected beyond face value. Provide them with opportunities to socialize so you can be a positive part of their day.

What It Boils Down To

At the end of the day, it’s important to understand that the personas we’ve based many of our decisions on over the past several years have irrevocably changed due to the pandemic. In order for strategies to be effective moving forward, it’s important to reexamine these personas and make the necessary changes to deliver a meaningful message.

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