The most successful brands on the planet have a mission or message that’s practically contagious. We’re not just talking about a catchy jingle or a commercial that goes viral, either. We’re talking about brands that really focus on experience to draw people in—we’re talking about magnetism.

Magnetic brands pick apart each piece of the buying journey and consider how to make their targets feel at home at every turn. They don’t just sell products—they sell partnerships. And this doesn’t just apply to B2B selling. Even consumer brands like Disney take this approach. Disney is your partner in making magic in the theatre, at home, and on vacation. Every interaction with the Disney brand is an enchanted experience from start to finish. You are drawn in from the start, and you return again and again.

The question is, how do you take this philosophy and apply it to the B2B market—and your brand, specifically? Here are a few tips!

Believe in Your Mission

First, consider your current mission. Have you identified one? If you have, when is the last time you revisited that mission? Is your mission realistic, believable, and actionable? If your mission is too lofty or eyeroll-worthy, go back to the drawing board. You should have an attainable mission that both you and your customers can truly believe in. Don’t just look to inspire—look to define what your business is really setting out to do. Your mission will be the foundation of your brand—don’t negate the importance of its role.

Don’t Neglect Your Culture

Magnetism starts inside your organization. Before you hire new team members, you should know exactly what kind of culture you’re trying to foster. Interview candidates with that culture in mind. Make sure your culture expectations are well-defined and transparent, and ensure that the way you treat your employees lines up with your public-facing mission and values.

Why is all of this important? Happy employees are the best magnets. Customers love working with them!

Balance the Familiar with the Unexpected

Be a steady presence for your customers. As we mentioned before, you should make yourself available as a partner that can provide solutions—not just products. But it’s also important to think outside the box. Avoid getting lost in a sea of commodities. Always look for bigger and better ways to achieve your goals…and the goals of your customers. Your customers and prospects should always be able to quickly identify why you’re the best solution to their challenges and how you’re different from competitors.

Carry This Thinking Through Past the Sell

Build brand awareness, educate your prospects, and solve their problems—then keep delighting them. Even after the contract’s been signed, check in often and find opportunities to continuing making life easier for your clients. This is all part of the brand experience. Closing that loop is the key to turning clients into ambassadors for your brand. When they have great experiences, they’ll be more likely to spread the word—and that’s the most valuable kind of marketing around.

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