A few weeks ago, our friends over at Haute Dokimazo gave their readers a taste of the types of virtual events we’ve been organizing for our clients during this new age of remote work. As Liz mentioned in her article, we’re not talking about webinars—we’re talking about experiences that go beyond slide presentations to bring people together in new and interesting ways.

In order to really round out the experience, many of our virtual events have been accompanied by special swag boxes sent to confirmed attendees. These gifts achieve a few goals. First, they help to legitimize the event and clue folks in that this isn’t just another sales pitch. Second, they build excitement and serve as a reminder to attend. Finally, in some cases, they add interaction to the event to help hold attendees’ interest.

So, without further ado, here are just four types of swag boxes you can create—all inspired by actual experiences we’ve designed in quarantine for clients.

#1: All the Fixin’s

For clients who can’t get to a restaurant or don’t feel comfortable dining in public quite yet, a virtual cooking lesson from a talented chef is a great way to enjoy a one-of-a-kind meal. Of course, no cooking lesson is complete without all the ingredients each attendee needs to finish their meal, but there are other special items you can include in their swag box, as well.

If your lesson is being taught by a chef with a cookbook, throw a copy into the mix. Ask the chef what sort of wine best pairs with the meal they have planned and include a bottle, as well. You can also gift attendees with a high-quality knife or another premium cooking utensil. These are all great ways to let them know you appreciate their time.

#2: WFH Essentials

If your attendees are working from home, help make their life easier with a themed gift box filled with useful WFH tools. Noise cancelling headphones, sunrise alarm clocks, and other practical items are all great ideas, but you can have a little fun, too. Chair capes, snacks, or something to squeeze or whack when they’re a little stressed are also sure to put a smile on the recipient’s face.

#3: Fun and Games

Some of the best virtual events are those that build interaction into the experience. Consider sending your attendees boxes ahead of the event with everything they need to participate in virtual games, then build breaks into your agenda to use each item.

We don’t want to give too much away, but boxes we’ve built for clients include Never-Have-I-Ever paddles, bingo cards, and clown noses. You’re really only limited by your imagination!

#4: Follow-Up Swag

Not every box has to be sent before the event. Sending a gift after the fact is a good way to reinforce your message and thank attendees for spending time with you. Find gifts that fit the theme of your experience and accompany the item(s) with a brief piece of literature that has a solid call to action. For instance, if your event theme revolves around summer fun, sending a high-quality branded beach towel will really close the loop on the experience. This is just a really nice touch that can go a long way towards boosting the ROI of your event.

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