Account-based marketing (ABM) is huge in sales—and rightly so. It’s hard to position your company as the solution to a prospect’s problems when you know absolutely nothing about their challenges. And making sure the prospect knows that you know something about the issues they’re facing requires segmented, targeted communications. But stalking social media isn’t the only way to get to know your prospects.

“Tell me more, Courtney!”

Okay, okay. Hold your horses!

Go Beyond Segmentation

I can’t tell you how annoying it is to be bombarded by emails from a salesperson over and over and over again without any attempt to actually get to know my business.

“Download our eBook!”

“Visit our resource center!”

“Try out the demo!”

Don’t get me wrong—these content pieces are important, especially since so many decision makers and influencers like to research on their own terms. And part of good ABM practices is making sure that the content you’re sending is tailored to the industry and challenges of your targets.

But it’s not enough to just push out content. You also need to make attempts to understand your targets’ specific business challenges. Build assessments that allow them to plug in more information to gain deeper insights into their issues, and make sure that the information you’re providing is valuable. Use the details they provide to further tailor your communications and provide more fine-tuned solutions. Review this information and incorporate it into your personal emails with each target.

Make Meaningful Interactions

If you’re only using LinkedIn and other social media platforms to blast out your own message, you’re doing it wrong. In sales and marketing, social media should never be one-sided. You should be actively reading and responding to your targets’ posts. Don’t overdo, though. Remember—avoid the creep factor. And don’t make every response about you, your company, and your services. Only respond if you have something meaningful to say. Build a genuine connection…not a sales façade. 

Ask Genuine Questions

When you’re communicating directly with clients, ask questions because you want answers—not because you just want a response. It’s easy for most targets to see right through emails and LinkedIn messages that are just fishing for another contact or trying to rush them through to a sale.

Part of mastering this is understanding that you aren’t just providing a solution when you engage clients. You’re also learning and evolving. So, approach it that way.

“Hi, Mr. Doe! I’m doing some research that I was hoping you could help me out with. My company has a cybersecurity solution that aims to protect financial institutions from internal attacks. I’m trying to get more insight into this challenge and thought you might be a good person to reach out to. Would you mind sharing your experience with me?”

Whether you take them out for coffee, jump on a quick video call, or send them a brief survey, you should be actively taking notes. Have your questions carefully planned out ahead before your meeting so you don’t waste anyone’s time.

This isn’t just information you’re using to get to know your targets better—it’s information you can use to improve your products and your overall approach. Because ABM isn’t just about showing clients what you already know—it’s about showing them what you want to learn, too!


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