We get itit’s a huge bummer that travel is largely on hold. You have dedicated, hardworking sales people crushing it all year and want to celebrate them! They deserve to be recognized, and you can still make them feel special, and safe, without jetting them off to a tropical paradise. 

Below, check out five fun ways to put your top performers at center stage, without ever leaving the comfort of their own homes.

#1: And the Oscar for Best Sales Performance Goes To

Take advantage of virtual tools and turn your awards gala into an Academy Awards-style TV show. Who hasn’t pretended to give an Oscar acceptance speech in front of a mirror? Now, you can play on that dream! Pre-record guests, awards winners, and fun company videos and cameos to create a professionally-produced, two-hour TV special that your team can easily stream from their living room surrounded by their loved ones. Ahead of the stream, ship them their awards, plus some glasses and champagne to toast to their successyou can even send them a red carpet or backdrop to take their award photos with! Once you have the whole show edited together, you can stream it as a live event so employees can host watch parties and get in on the fun.

#2: Ed McMahon, Is That You?

Recreate the thrill of a Publishers Clearing House-style home visit by delivering a giant check to award winners complete with a local camera crew and a host to their homes. Have the host interview the winner from the front porch, and then broadcast the experience to the rest of the company. Consider spreading out these stops every two weeks to build excitement and give people something to look forward to, giving every recipient their moment to shine. 

#3: No Plane? No Problem.

Just because you can’t put your winners on a plane, doesn’t mean you can’t help them escape to a tropical oasis. Bring the experience into their homes by creating a vacation-in-a-box filled with activities, memorabilia, cocktail mixers, and all the accoutrements that would have come along with that trip to Jamaica or Lisbon. Plan virtual excursions and events to bring winners together online, such as hosting a locally-inspired dinner on the first night. You can host a chef from the intended location via live stream and send participants a cook-at-home kit in advance, creating a virtual cooking show experience for winners and their families to participate in. The following day, run a lively workshop over lunch, and give participants a Grubhub gift card so they can support their local restaurants by ordering food to enjoy while the discussion takes place.  

#4: The Gift of Mentorship

Have your participants always looked up to and modeled their work ethic after a specific figure? Now is a great time to connect them to their dream mentor! Let the winners select a 30-minute session from their idol, be that Bill Gates or Gary Vaynerchuk, so they can get one-on-one time with pros that will inspire them personally and professionally. After these sessions, create digital photo albums for the winner so they have a keepsake they can look back on and share with the rest of the company.

#5: Pay It Forward

Perhaps your winners would like the money that would normally be spent on their accomplishments to go to a good cause. Let them choose a charity, then make a donation in their name. Give winners the opportunity to have a 30-minute coffee date or happy hour with company leadership. This way, they can feel good about paying it forward, and also get valuable face time within the organization—which sometimes is the most rewarding opportunity of all! 

Sidelining travel doesn’t mean sidelining fun!

Your sales professionals work hard, and it’s important to show them just how much you appreciate their efforts. Using the tricks above, you can breathe new life into your recognition programs and offer fun ways to celebrate employees’ success!

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