Your omni-channel, human-to-human black ops team

Haute Rock Creative delivers swift, strategic, on-target marketing and creative productions via multiple points of digital and physical interaction—all integrated into a singular aesthetic vision.

More than just your typical agency.

With an eagerness to take risks and the determination to overcome all obstacles, Haute Rock Creative leverages multiple points of digital and physical interaction to deliver your message.

Man shaking hands


Tell your story by creating video, audio and written content, then  put it in front of your audience with digital ads, email campaigns, and more.

Custom Event Booths


Create branded spaces and dynamic events that tear down the walls between you and your customers.

Custom logo record sleeves
Welcome to Austin, #DellPopup
Mobile phones
Custom merchandise cart

App Development

Put your brand in their pocket by leveraging our team to build a unique app experience that keeps them coming back for more.

Day of the Dead

Custom Merch

Make more tangible connections by creating and distributing high-quality merchandise that meets brand standards.

Brainstorming session

We’re not a media company.

We are a creative powerhouse that makes videos, apps, websites, podcasts, print, and more.

We’re not event organizers.

But, our physical and virtual experiences are created to be memorable.

We’re not a merch shop.

We simply make lasting impressions through unique product choice and thoughtful design.